We strongly believe in the power of Puppet stories and child-led learning.

That’s why Apple Bear’s learning is focused around a Puppet stories-based curriculum.
The incredible puppet stories will encourage the children to interact in English
with the puppet characters. While talking to the characters in the story,
the children will have fun speaking English!

What is English Puppet Story?

The English Puppet Story is a learning programme that children can speak English through the puppet stories.

The Puppet Story is quite different than the standard English learning curriculums that most of us grew up with, which can feel intimidating. we believe our children are naturally eager to learn and that a supportive teacher and a thoughtfully prepared environment are key elements in guiding their English speaking development.

We have found that the “English Puppet Stories” is a powerful teaching method to raise children’s interest in English and to encourage them to interact in English with the puppet stories. English puppet story is actually quite fun and quite powerful.

Why English Puppet Story?

There are 48 stories in a yearly curriculum, Developed by English education experts and Children’s story writers. The stories are designed to raise children’s interest in English as well as to develop their English speaking and vocabulary.

The English Puppet Stories consists of personality development, educational stories, and classic children’s stories such as “The Three Little Pigs”, and “The Ant and the Grasshoppers”.

Children will be encouraged to speak and memorize the English expressions and their confidence will be strengthened. learning is fun!

Incredible English Speaking + The Puppet Stories