One-hour Program of Apple Bear English Puppet Play

Your child will speak English while being entertained. There are four sections that are designed for children to speak English through fun games, songs, enjoyable activities, and English puppet play!

1 Hour → 4 Sections

10min – Game & Chant

Teachers and children will greet each other by calling their English names. Games, chants, and songs related to puppet stories will help children expect and focus more on the English puppet play. Also, English expressions from last class will be reviewed and teachers will stick compliment stickers on children.

20min – English Puppet Play

Finally, it’s time for fun English puppet play! The incredible puppet stories will encourage the children to interact in English with the puppet characters. The puppet stories consists of personality development, educational stories, and classic children’s stories such as “The Three Little Pigs”, and “The Ant and the Grasshoppers”. While talking to the characters in the story, the children will have fun speaking English!

20min – Today’s Activity

Today’s activity will be related to the English puppet play that the children have just seen, so that they can memorize the English expressions. The activities are designed to raise children’s interest in English as well as to develop their English vocabulary through colorings, paper animals, pumpkin numbers, and etc. It’s definitely a lot of fun!

10min – Power Up

Children will be encouraged to speak and memorize the English expressions and their confidence will be strengthened. Children will receive compliment stickers and small gifts as soon as they memorize the expressions. Now let’s get the children ready to embark on their adventure out to the world!